What is LED candle and how it is being made?

The led candle or the electric candles are made alternate to the wick candles. These candles are used as lightening devices and come in different sizes, colors, and shapes. It is designed to eliminate the need of the open flame and this will reduce the potential of the fire hazards.

Some of the candles are scented which acts as air fresheners and also lighting devices. There is also a light sensor available in the led candles will produce more light and triggers the fan near the fragrance compartment. The fake realistic flameless light candles or the led candles are illuminated with a small bulb which contains light. This candle will not melt and last for a long period unless its battery gets down. Even if the battery does not stand well, we can change the battery or we can replace it. The steps in making the led candle are listed below,

Alma white flameless lights

Steps for LED operation

  • Open up the candle casing and thumbnail is the best tool for doing this job. The casing not glued and there is a friction fit post which receives the hole in the cover. You should fit this well because the wire should be connected well or it won’t work well.
  • When the led is being connected to the base, the friction fit is also connected to the plastic candle flame. Now you can twist slowly and remove it. Note the colors of the wires where yellow is negative and red is the positive one.
  • Move the cathode wire and program the chip. Add some insulation to it and test the circuit. Connect all the fitted parts together and now the led candle will work well.

Uses of LED candle        

  • The led candle does not melt and it lasts for a very long period of time.
  • The candles bring out more light than the wick candles because they are connected to the electric current.
  • This led candle is more safety than the normal candles because they are illuminated by a small bulb and not with the open flame.
  • There is no chance of fire hazards and does not have any overtime to melt away.
  • The bulbs inside the led candles may get heat some times, but also you can use it and it does not harm you.
  • The led candles or the flameless candles cause only minor injuries related to the battery and does not affect the children and also the older people.

The design of this led candle is more versatile and mostly this candle will be cylindrical in shape. It contains a battery pack at the pack, which gets charged when connected to the current. Many of the manufacturers use this LED lights with an irregular twinkling which mostly simulate the calming glow on the open flame. However, the body of the flame is made of wax which makes it look like the traditional candles. There are many sizes and shapes of the led candles available.

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