Facilitator Training

Facilitator training prepares qualified on-site individuals for how to coach new staff through the self-paced Entry Level Youth Worker Training: Treasures of the Youth Work Profession modules.

The vision is for the facilitator to assist new staff in building knowledge immediately while working on-site. By receiving training the first day on the job, the entry level worker gains immediate knowledge regarding best practices for out of school time programs. Staff has a better chance to succeed in their position and thus is more likely to stay on the job. Additional benefits are that staff is supported by leaders who are building relationships and a coaching culture.

Research indicates that training combined with coaching for feedback increases the success rate of the individual and program. This idea encourages individuals to make changes in their practices based on what they’ve learned. The vision is for the facilitator to support the youth worker as they complete these modules. In order for the youth worker to receive credit for the module, the facilitator must review the work for accuracy and then sign the review form.

Check here for the future national availability or contact Annette Farrell. Call (816) 604-4289, toll free at (866) 676-6224 for details.